Suggestions for my team

It’s overreaction Monday! And while I would not say I’m full on tilting or overreacting, I can definitely identify the flaws in my lineup and how they could persist season long. So trying to make some fixes before it goes too far. 10 team PPR.

QB - Goff, Winston (picked up in a homerun attempt after TNF)
RBs - D. Williams, A. Jones, D. Montgomery, J. White, T. Coleman, J. Jackson
WRs - OBJ, D. Adams, Golladay, Kirk
TEs - Waller, Ebron
K- Fairbairn
DEF - Ravens

Any suggestions on my team or who I can target via trade? I’m really weak/uncomfortable at RB and would like to upgrade there the most. I’m not in “blow-up-my-team mode,” however anyone is expendable if it means upgrading the team.

Thanks in advance!

Ya, your RB/TE’s are week. I would honestly try to sell high on D. Williams and get a similar running back who you know is an RB1. You might be able to get a guy who had a rough week 1. Watching the Chiefs week 1 McCoy looked better and I would guess he’s going to get more work as the year goes on. Could always try to package Golladay/Kirk and Williams, to a team in need of WR (since Golladay scored a TD) for a better RB and maybe a lesser WR.

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Who could I get for Williams that would be similar with higher upside? Since I have some depth at WR (and plan on bidding on a few on the WW), I wouldn’t be averse to shipping off one of my stud WRs for a RB in return.

I’m thinking of targeting the Tyreek Hill owner, who has Kamara and Carson. I really like Carson this year and might target him, but what would be fair exchange?

Doubt you could get Carson for Williams, you would probably have to give up Adams or OBJ which I don’t think I would do if I was you.

A couple guys you might be able to get for Williams (and maybe another WR or maybe straight up)
-Marlon Mack (Although he had a good week 1 so probably not)
-James White (Depending on what his usage will be)
-Sony Michel (Awful week 1 might be able to get him for cheap)
-Fournette (Had a down week 1)
-Karryon Johnson (Had a down week 1)

Those would be the guys that are probably somewhat obtainable and/or had a down week one that their owners might panic in my opinion.

If you are willing to ship one of you studs you can probably shoot a bit higher.

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I have James White. I could package him in as well since he had a decent week. I’m willing to ship whoever if I can come out with a more improved overall team in the long run. I just don’t see winning many games with this crew, even with assumed uptick in my Packers Jones and Adams.