Suitable WR for Allen replacement

Currently stashed away mike Williams but with the ravens matchup I’d like to play an alt if Keenan isn’t ready. I have Baldwin or Allen Robinson, who should I plug in Worst case?

Worst case? Baldwin looks pretty enticing in this situation against KC.

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Yeah agree Baldwin vs the Chiefs now bad again defense sounds good to me.


Would you go Kenny G or Baldwin?

:eyes: Against the vikings secondary? :eyes: I lean Baldwin!

EDIT: But yet, he torched the Bills secondary all day and they’re just as good, so crazier things have happened! haha

Oof that is tough… Kenny G got it going again and is a one man show in Detroit but he will see Rhodes all game, Vikings are still top 5 vs the WRs and they will be in Staffords face all night.

That is brutal and i’d say go with your gut but my take would be safety points Kenny G but upside has to be Baldwin this week.

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Yeah I would hate to leave Kenny G on bench but I’m thinking that might be a good plan. Luckily I have great options at RB (Zeke, Chubb, DJ or Damien Williams).

That’s solid for sure and this week you have great matchups for RB1 weeks from Zeke and Chubb can afford the Baldwin play IMO.

Ha wow- this will be the third time I’ll be picking up Baldwin!
Keenan Allen! You’re jacking up my mental health!!!


I just felt like Baldwin is a TD dependent (standard leauge) but I’ll roll the dice. Thanks guys!

Okay heres an interesting one. If Cam gets shut down, and Heinicke plays this week would you start Curtis Samuel over Kenny G?

I don’t trust Cam to throw effectively anymore

Under no circumstances would I play any Panthers other than CMC this week


So should I just roll out Baldwin even if Allen is active? Clearly he wouldn’t be 100% and going against the ravens

Dougie B for sure no question especially at home

I don’t mind playing Allen if he’s active the guy is a stud and has a good matchup vs the Ravens slot CB but there will be the re-injury risk. Baldwin does have upside this week for sure though

Sheesh i would play both but I have gurley, kamara & Chubb in the flex. Too good to not play

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Yeah @agallich. I have Gurley as well, and Chubb. With Gurley, even tho they have it locked up, and Gurley’s been nursing the ankle…you play your studs if they’re active. LOL…I’ve been going back and forth on this til my head hurts. AND…I even grabbed up Malcolm weeks ago, and then Kelly after Brown went down. BUT…I’m still prob starting Gurley!!! :thinking: