Super flex Dynasty Startup Question

Starting a super flex dynasty league with some friends and it’s the first time for all of us. I have the 1.03 and every where I look I see mocks and experts saying to take quarterbacks in the first round since it’s a super flex league.

Talking with my league mates, I don’t expect them to draft quarterbacks high. Should I use that to my advantage and wait on quarterback or should I just lock up mahomes at 1.03 and not worry about it? Otherwise im expecting cmc and cook to be off the board and I’m looking at saquon and jt who both have big questions marks this year. Thanks!

Go with what your league is likely to do in my opinion. If they’re going to wait on qb then you should wait slightly less than them if you can judge that. Adp is a great guide but if your league is going to treat superflex similarly to a one qb league then go with the league.

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One rebuttal to the first responder is to use them “sleeping” on QBs to your advantage. If Mahomes falls to 1.03 it is almost a must to take him. Then if you are able to pair him with another top 10 dynasty QB option (Lamar/Herbert/Burrow etc) you don’t have to worry about QB again until the 9th or 10th round and you can gobble up the value your league leaves behind when they are selecting QBs. If you start a SuperFlex dynasty league off with 2 high end QBs you will be competing for many many years.

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Appreciate the feedback from you both! I can see both schools of thought so it’s tough, especially because cmc and cook are in a higher tier than the other running backs imo so I’m not as happy about the running back options

I think I can get away with going running back and then getting either Allen Murray or Lamar in the 2nd or 3rd, but mahomes in the 1st is still great value so I’ll be back and forth a ton haha

If those QBs fall that far you are truly in a one-of-a-kind league. I did a SuperFlex startup in May with 1st time dynasty players and 7 QBs were drafted in the 1st round.

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I think it’s because espn rankings never has qbs too high in their draft room adp. Still torn between mahomes early or wait to see who’s there at the 2-3 turn, but I’m going to ask my league mates to get a sense of what they’re thinking of doing