Super Flex QB a Trade offers

Ten team Superflex league. Title contending team with weakness at QB. Have three options

  1. Trade pick 1.09 and 2.09 for Matt Stafford
  2. Trade DK Metcalf and 1.09 for Tannehill
  3. Roll with QBs on roster (Darnold, Lock, Minshew)
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Options 1 and 2 don’t do, they are big over pays. For now I’d stick with your current QBs .

Jeez! Are you me? I’ve Darnold and Minshew and traded for Stafford teo month back.

It is a bit too give but I’d be fine with the first offer. You are not getting QB at those picks and if Stafford returns to form, which I think, and DET had to throw a tonne, I also think, is fully worth it. SF trades for QB are always steep.

No way I’d trade DK. Moving those picks are far lower value.

You are probably fine where you are. Lock is a great third. But if you feel you want a fourth and a more solid starter I’d roll that first trade.

But I do not think you need to. Just my thoughts. I hope they help!

Choose 3 choose 3

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