Super flex trade value

So I’m still dealing with fallout from Lucks retirement in my Super Flex league.
Trying to get myself a 3rd for bye weeks.

I’ve tried to negotiate a few trades, but either seem to be more bearish on some QBs, or too cheap.

If you were offering Mike Williams and a 21 2nd or 3rd, which QB would you reasonably expect to get? Are there any you think would be fair even straight up?

Is this dynasty? The trade offer of 21 draft picks makes me think so and I can answer this question much better if I know haha

Yes it is Dynasty. My bad should have clarified

I’d imagine you can get someone of the Goff/Wentz value tbh. Maybeee Dak if it’s a 3rd instead of 2nd you offer, but that’s your choice.

Interesting. I’ve tried some other offers with various players to guys with 4/5 QBs (10 team league), and given those was figuring I would only get a Mid range QB2 for him/2nd. Thanks for the advice, didnt want to sell too short if i pulled the trigger with something. Also helps with using the trade value ranking and scores out there, for how to gross up values for SF