Super Superflex Flex League - Experimental Concept

Hey guys,

I’m going ahead and getting all my leagues organized while it’s fresh on my mind. I’ve had this idea for a league this year based on all the tight end nonsense. Here’s the deal:

12 Team Redraft on Sleeper. $100 Buy-In via LeagueSafe (e-check only, majority approval payouts). 6 Team playoff starting week 14. 2nd game each week against median weekly score.

2 Superflex, 6 Flex, 7 Bench. No kickers or DST. No individual positions at all. FAAB budget and continuous (daily) waivers.

Scoring is Tiered PPR (new concept see below). 6 pt QB TDs. Will include punt/kick return yards, 1 pt per 25 yards. No big play bonuses. I’m throwing in a few changes for QB scoring. -.1 pt per pass attempt. +.2 pt per pass completion. That way the more accurate QBs are rewarded.

Tiered PPR:

0.25 - 0-9 yard catch
0.50 - 10-24 yard catch
0.75 - 25-39 yard catch
1.00 - 40+ yard catch


$600 First
$240 Second
$125 Third
$75 Most points at end of the regular season (weeks 1-13)
$10 Most points each week (weeks 1-16)

Please reply with email if interested! Thanks!


This sounds awesome!

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