Superbowl menu?

What are y’all fixing???

We usually try to do a “theme menu” for wherever the Super Bowl is being played. Since Minnesota is usually a “fish” based menu…which is pretty high dollar, we decided to do the deer thing (also a Minnesota main dish) as the main course. So…we’re doing a venison Italian beef in the crockpot…stuffed mushrooms with cream cheese, sausage and green onions…bacon wrapped cream cheese stuffed mini banana peppers…and club crackers with shredded cheddar cheese wrapped in bacon. Yeah…lots of bacon!!! How can you go wrong with BACON!!! Of course the stuffed mushrooms, stuffed peppers and club crackers are all baked in the oven. Let me know if you want the recipes. Plus chips and dip and of course…LOL COCKTAILS!!!

Sounds good! Sorry I didn’t make it. My invitation must have been lost in the mail.

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LOL @fun4willis…please forgive me. Was that a SUPERBOWL to beat all SUPERBOWLS or what??? One that will DEFINITELY go down in the history books huh!!!