SuperBowl QB Options Are Pretty Bad. Insights Requested

My league has a transaction limit which I killed 2 weeks ago, which mean I cannot stream. I have to roll with one of the following.:

Rivers hosting the Ravens - Ravens are a tough D but Rivers is having a really solid season and the Chargers are surging after taking that win from the Chiefs (I am kind of leaning this way for Week 16)

Jameis @ Dallas. Winston scares me. He can really crap the bed and Dallas’ D is no joke any more. He faceplanted pretty hard against the Ravens and that has me super reluctant to start him during such an important match

Lamar Jackson @ the Chargers. The Chargers are strong against the pass but can be rushed-on. They rank 21st vs the run. But Lamar has been looking shaky and he’s taking a lot of bad hits. Healthy Flacco on the sidelines makes me nervous as well.

I don’t want to over-think this but I’m starting to so I need some outside opinions. Thanks.

I’m not sure why people hate Rivers so much. I happily used him all season and wish I had owned him in more leagues.

I love Rivers bro. I drafted the man and think he’s criminally under-rated. But the Ravens are serious business you have to admit.

IDK they put up 23 against the Rams in week 3 when they were destroying people and their lowest score which they’ve had twice is 20. I’m not saying they’ll fly past the Ravens, because that D is legit, but I don’t see them not doing an average of what they do.

like I said in my OP, I am leaning Rivers now so appreciate the validation.

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