Superflex 2TE superpremium

Crazy settings. You start 2 tight ends and tight ends get 2PPR, and it’s dynasty.
Also superflex.

I have kittle/fant/Witten.

I got an offer.
Ertz, tyreke, lock


Watson, dj Moore, 2020 1st

Who are your other QBs? If startable, I’d take this. Starting Kittle and Ertz in this type of league would be amazing.

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I have rodgers, garapolo, Mullen’s and would be getting lock

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Pass.Give me Watson, moore 2020 1st all day.

Your TE situation needs help. A lot of help. I’m in a couple 2TE premium leagues and they are so much fun. Invest in TEs now before people realize how much they’re worth. It’s fine overpaying slightly.

For example, I gave up Ekeler + 2020 3rd or Chris Herndon recently and feel great about it to grab my 3rd TE. And that’s post gordon holdout confirmation like very recently.

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What if I could also flip ertz potentially for wentz, pettis, and 2 2020 1sts. Hypothetically lol

Yeah I’d take that deal. Although not sure who’s dumb enough to do that. It’s still a SF lol.

Dummy who drafted 5qbs in the first 9 rounds lol