Superflex Advice

Just joined my first Superflex League, any advice so I don’t embarrass myself?

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Can you clarify:
Is this redraft or Dynasty?
And just to be clear, is it Superflex or 2QB? Sometimes people use these terms interchangeably.

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It is redraft superflex. This is only my second season so I figured Dynasty would be a leap with my experience level.

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I would be looking to have 3-4 QBs on roster and stream from those players. Waiver wire is likely to be thin to non-existent for QBs.

I typically choose an elite RB or WR in the first round if I have an early to mid pick. The second round is my first high upside QB - a Brees/Stafford/Cousins type. Then depending on the draft, wait for my reminaing QBs.

Remember to be flexible. If an Elite RB or WR drop to you in the second round - don’t be afraid to take them.

If they fall to me (I’m not reaching for them) I really want:
Phillip Rivers
Blake Bortles
Eli Manning.

Thank you so much!!!

My advise would be to still wait in QB. The math doesn’t change, everything just happens earlier in the draft, and you need a couple of more bodies (i agree 3-4 is about right).

I’d be targeting my first QB in the 10-12th QB off the board range, my 2nd around the 16th-18th, and so on. That way, ideally, you still have legit starting QBs and still spend your higher capital on the more important positions of RB and WR (yes, they are still more important).

Note: I’m assuming this is a 12 team league. The above ranges would change based on league size.

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Thought I would ask for a bit more advice. This league has 2TE spots so should I draft 2 or 3?

I would want 3 minimum. Similar strategy. Would want a stud and willing for the second one to be late.

Thanks again. It is my first footclan league as well so super excited!

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