Superflex and Mr. Mahomes

I am drafting a Superflex dynasty startup and was ridiculed by my league mates for taking Mahomes at the 1.07. I have played in plenty of SF leagues and I have always taken my first qb pretty early. Were my league mates correct in busting my chops or is it they who are crazy? All of the top tier RB’s were off the board as well as D-Hop. This is a .5 ppr and I don’t hold WR as highly in this format. Thanks for the feedback.

I wouldn’t have done it, but I think it makes a difference with how many teams are in your league. If it’s a 10 teamed, I’d say that’s a bad move. 12 team and up it gets more respectable.

Its a 12…here are my thoughs on this. After the draft if you like your team who gives a crap where you drafted someone? Plus why would i draft a wr that has 2-3 years of prime left at that draft position? I pretty would much have to be in win now mode. With Mahomes (I also plan to draft Watson or Baker) i now have guys who will last 10+ plus years and i can build around that.

I did the same thing here… I was Pick 8 in a 12 man superflex dynasty, and I snagged him up.
You have to take the value if it falls to you.

You’re league mates are incorrect and have zero experience playing SF. Mahomes is easily a top 5 SF dynasty startup pick.

Having said that, I rarely take a QB in the 1st round for that exact reason. Most SF leagues I join, people do not appropriately value QBs which means there is a tonne of value to be had in the 5th-8th rounds. That is usually where I target two QBs. One low end QB1 vet with upside (last year that was Ryan for me) and one younger riskier QB with massive upside (last year that was mahomes/baker/etc). And then I supplement it with a super old vet in the double digit rounds (last year that was Rivers/Brees for me). If you take a QB in the 1st, you likely cannot really afford to take another QB until the 9th/10th+ rounds so you miss out on a lot of that value.

Thanks for the input guys…I wish i would have known that they didnt value qbs in this league I could have got him a round later but at least I have him now lol. Thanks again!