Superflex auction values

To all my auctioners out there. I commish a superflex auction league (2nd year) with a 200 dollar budget for auction. I’m just curious how you would generally adjust your auction values for this format. Average auction values are easy enough to find online, but nothing for 2qb/superflex. Follow up question, would you recommend changing the budget to ~250 dollars to more align with the auction values for standard rosters?

There shouldn’t be a huge difference between the $200 and $250 as people’s evaluations should be proportionate to their budget. But, $200 will make it a bit more challenging for those who choose to overspend on elite skill position guys. Anything to make it a bit more involved and challenging is great in my books. Depends on how involved and knowledgeable your group is. $250 would give a bit more room for error.

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I agree with the proportions being the thing that should be adjusted regardless. It’s like you said I’m wondering if upping it next year would allow “normal-ish” higher spending on elite skill players and quarterbacks, while allowing a few extra dollars to have fewer 1-2 dollar players later in the auction