SuperFlex Draft Strategy/Help

Hey Footclan -

I’m joining my first SuperFlex league and I’m having trouble getting Mocks done (lots of people seem reluctant to join a SF mock in Sleeper or leave as soon as QB’s go early). Wondering if anyone has any tips on where a good place to mock would be, or general draft strategy for late picks (I’ve got 11 of 12) in a SF league (Half ppr, 4Pt Qb)

Any help would be appreciated - even if you just want to share some drafts you guys have done as an example !

I’ve done 10 startup SF TEp drafts this season, mostly bestball.

The key is getting at least 2 RB’s in the first few rounds while also snagging a solid QB1, ideally a QB2 by round 7ish. (12 teamer adp’s)

You don’t want to be left starting Lev Bell and Marlon Mack as your two RB’s, so best to get a Jacobs, Sanders, etc early if possible. If it’s not TE premium just punt the position entirely and hammer WR’s in the mid rounds to shore up where you’re clearly gonna be weak if you get RB and QB early. is my most recent draft (1 month old~ now at this point) to give you an idea of what I’m talking about. I’m team Killing in the Name (highlighted in red)

I probably went a bit overboard with drafting my 4th QB before a WR but the value was too good there and I can always use one as a trade chip later.

It basically comes down to how fast the positions fall off. RB and QB fall off super hard super fast. WR falls off slower and you can find value late in double digit rounds. If the league isn’t TE premium, punting or drafting double TE’s later is ideal.

I’d target a combo of CEH, Sanders, Jacobs, Mixon etc in your first two picks. If Kyler, Dak, or Deshaun are available there you can argue for them too. Don’t fall into the trap of picking WR here.

Round 3/4 turn you should be targetting at least 1QB, and potentially getting a WR here if there’s a good value, otherwise just go RB/QB again.