Superflex Draft strategy

Hey footclan,

I am new to superflex and just joined my first league. The scoring is set up to award 6 points for a passing TD and -1 for an interception, which is pretty absurd to me. I typically wait on QBs, but do you think this format necessitates grabbing at least one of the top tier QBs?

Thank you!

The 6 point alone doesn’t really change much for me from a 4/1 scoring. All it does is close the gap between rushing and passing QBs. I.e. guys like Cam become less valuable. The time where that changes is if you have a league that uses 6/-4 scoring. That is when grabbing a rodgers/brady/wilson becomes very valuable cause the scoring gap between them and the lower tier guys begins to rival the gap between top WR/RBs and lower tier ones.

Yeah that makes since to me. I actually think I got it backwards. Since this league doesn’t exactly reward TD/INT efficiency, I think it makes waiting on QB even more enticing.

Same strategy, it just happens earlier