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Superflex Dynasty Question


I’m in the middle of a slow draft for a superflex dynasty (full ppr, 3 WR, 2 RB). This will be my first superflex league. My question is this: for those of you who generally wait on QBs in most formats, would your strategy change at all in this type of league? We’re currently at the end of the second and there are 13 picks until my 3rd pick (I was 11 of 12, so I’ll have 2 picks in 4 turns). A few QBs have already come off the board, but there are probably 13 left I feel good about as a QB 1 (in order of adp on MFL: Brady, Brees, Winston, Ryan, Carr, Newton, Cousins, Prescott, Stafford, Big Ben, Rivers, Wentz, Taylor). I suspect a QB run is coming. Would it be crazy to take a QB in the 3rd or 4th? How many of these would have to come off the board before you decided you needed to pull the trigger? My first two picks were Green and Hilton. If there is a run, there will be a lot of high end talent left at other positions, but there will also be a lot of picks until my next selection, which makes me nervous. Am I over thinking it?


In Superflex you want two QBs. They put the most points consistently, I would go back to back if there are any available when you pick.

Though as with any pick, don’t force it. If you take one in the third and there are none left that you like in the fourth, wait on it and get a value somewhere like Hoyer or maybe even a Watson.


every draft is different, and in this one im probably looking at a QB. you always want to start a run on a position, not follow into it. so taking a top end QB is something i really think about here. now, if the run starts and you start seeing those players fly off the board, i start ignoring them and taking my values. QBs do score more so in a super flex yes its nice to have that option. but having superior depth at RB and WR are also extremely beneficial. dont forget other owners need these too, so you can always stock up at a position to have trading power later on. im always going against the grain on these type of drafts. doesnt always work but i always take my values.


Of course you need 2, but is it crazy to habe someone like Tannehill in as the #2 instead of one of the top guys? Im hesitant to completely ignore the RBs until the back of the 5th.


I am a player who waits on QB in regular and 2QB like formats. I think if you are getting a Dalton/Palmer on the 5/6 swing you would be just fine, plus get those values that would fall to you on the 3/4 swing (whether its 2 RBs, 1 RB/1 WR). I think Dalton will outscore all but Brady and Brees on that list since he has similar weapons to when he was on QB #2 pace from 2013/2015) and I think Palmer will have some “positive regression” this season and be fine as a QB 2.


Dalton is definitely one of my targets. I really like Cousins too. Looking like the run is indeed on. Winston, Ryan, Carr, Dan all gone. There are a LOT of RBs sitting there I love. May have to roll the dice on waiting until 5-6.