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Superflex Dynasty Settings and Rules

Hey Clan! I’m starting a Superflex Dynasty with some friends. What are your favorite dynasty settings and rules? What am I forgetting as a first time dynasty commissioner? My background is Redraft and Keeper. Thanks friends!

I am in several different leagues with several different settings but I do believe you are off to the right track with Superflex.
Other settings that I particularly like are:

  • 0.5 ppr, PPR helps to minimize TD dependency which you get in standard leagues (which can get a little bit fluky year to year), full ppt ppr may be too extreme because of the significant weight it throws on pass-catching RBs (which change more rapidly year to year). I believe 0.5 ppr is a happy medium place to be for dynasty leagues.
  • 25 roster spots. No TAXI spots, No IR spots. This helps to maintain the waiver wires somewhat stocked reasonably (i mean its still pretty bare depending on the size of the league) but hey at least you can find a possible replacement once the injury bug comes on. That replacement could be a league winner (think CJ Anderson in 2018) or it could be a huge disappointment (think Jaylen Samuels 2019). The waiver bidding during the season adds to the fun week to week. 25 roster spots also makes drafting rookies each year to year a little bit more interesting. Teams can’t overly stash rookie picks and will need to make moves (via draft pick trading or player/pick swaps) to make the most of their draft picks and roster spots year to year. Teams will have to make tough choices once the season begins as to who they will be dropping or keeping with regards to sleepers and up and coming rookies (again gems can be found on the waiver wire if one were to look hard enough).- Keeps people on their toes.