Superflex Dynasty Start-Up

10-team startup dynasty league. Commissioner has 11 years of experience. Seeking serious, dedicated managers only.

Platform: Sleeper
Roster Configuration: Superflex
Scoring: 1/2 PPR

12 hour pick clock. 30 rounds. Starts as soon as league is full.

No league dues, but commissioner reserves the exclusive right to remove ownership of a team from an inactive or troublesome manager.

Please drop Sleeper ID/username; I will reach out to you to ask a few questions and then approve/deny.

Yoo I’d be down to join
MY SLEEPER @StrizzBerryKush

I’m interested! Sleeper ID is evanjean13

Hi! I have 3 managers (me and two friends) interested if the spots are still available. We have many years of re-draft experience but this would be our first Dynasty league.

Sleeper IDs

  1. KyloBui
  2. Quicklime
  3. YoGirlFavoritePharmD

If spots are open would love to learn more!

@OrbitalStone on sleeper