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Superflex Dynasty Startup Draft


Hey guys. Stepping into the dynasty world for the first time and working on my draft board etc for my upcoming draft. Just looking for any advice more experienced dynasty/superflex players could share to help me on my way.

- 12 team, PPR, 4pt passing TD, 6pt rushing/receiving TD.
- QB - RB - RB - WR - WR - WR - TE - Flex (RB/WR/TE) - Superflex (QB/RB/WR/TE)
- I have pick 6 in the draft (snake).
- Combined rookie and vet startup draft.
- Experience levels amongst owners is a mixed bag from each end of the experience spectrum so the draft will be unpredictable.

Do I go for a stud QB with my first pick or WR considering how many can start?
Do I target WRs while others may go after the stud RBs?

Any and all advice would be appreciated.


i have never done a super flex, but i can tell you at least this much. with the 6th pick in the draft, just go best player available. i actually love that pick because it gives you so much information about what the other teams are doing, also while getting you a very top end guy. and once the second round comes back to you, so long as you pay attention you can see how most everyone is picking. so if everyone is going QB crazy, get yourself some solid WRs. every draft is different and most of my drafts i go into with about 3 different strategies. more than likely you will see a run on WRs though. since you can start 5. so you might be able to hoard RBs. which the more i think on it the more that sounds pretty damn good. the RB class this year is pretty weak. you have your top 12-15, and then after that there is a pretty strong drop off. and you can find some late round deals in WR. anyway this rambled on a bit, but the main point is watch what everyone else does, and make informed decisions off of that.


Thanks for the info. The whole draft is going to be a slow draft over a few weeks so there will be plenty of time to keep track of what teams are doing and likely to do.

I forgot to add that rosters are 25 men so waivers will be limited but I hear you on the RBs.

The way I see it the top 6 guys for a superflex dynasty at the moment are, in no order, Evans, OBJ, Luck, Rodgers, Elliot and David Johnson. Do I take whoever is left out of those 6 with my first pick? Is it as simple as that?


for my first pick, that is exactly what i do. except for me, even in a super flex im not takin a QB in the first three rounds. but if i have pick 6 i look at the top 6 guys i want the most, and maybe 8 if there are only 4 i reaaaaalllly want, and make my choice off of who is left over. and then after that you get a feel for whats going faster, what you might be able to find value on so on and so forth.


First - make sure you check out my recent article on 2-QB and SuperFlex strategies (linked below)
Second - The Ballers writing staff recently did a dynasty start-up. 10 teams, Superflex. I ended up with Cousins and Newton, drafted in the 6-8th round range. I HIGHLY recommend you wait on QBs. Get 3-4 later in the draft that can be starters. You’ll be happier with your roster with 2-3 mid-tier guys and studs at RB/WR as your league mates will inevitably reach for QBs earlier than normal.


Thanks for the information Michael. I’ve had a read through the article and it was a great help in giving me some options to think about.

I reckon there will be a good few QB’s gone in the first couple of rounds in my draft. Appreciate the advice on waiting on a QB. If my draft falls that way, I’m hopefull I can pick up a good mix of RB and WR in the first 4 rounds then look to QBs.

So here’s a question/scenario. Say no-one takes a QB early and the first 5 picks clears out Zeke, Johnson, Evans, OBJ and Brown. Do I take a guy like Bell or go against the wait on a QB and pick up Rodgers or Luck?


I would personally stick to the late QB plan. If a Rodgers/Luck falls to the 3rd round, I’d pounce. Prior to that, I’m all over WRs/RBs. Overall, I fully believe that you’ll be far more pleased with your roster by waiting on QBs into the 6th-9th rounds.


Sounds like a fun league setup. @mpw270 how do you value rookie QBs in this format? When will you start looking to add them?


Rookie QB (this year) will fall in around the 25-30 range.


The draft for this league starts tomorrow afternoon/evening. If anyone is interested in this setup I can post a link so folk can see the ongoing picks?

I’m finding it really hard to predict how this is going to go. There are a couple inexperienced fantasy players jumping into the deep end with this league. Really don’t know how they will draft so there may be some wild picks.


@mpw270 My draft has begun and I intended on waiting on a QB however at 3.06 Luck was there so, much like you said, I pounced. Got Bell in first round and Hilton in 2nd. I’m pretty happy with the core of my team.


Wow bell fell to you at pick 6? That is fantastic! And according to your own rankings you got 2 of your top 6 guys. Plus a combo of luck to hilton. I do like your core of guys very much. Its very easy to build around a team like that.


Half way through and my team is shaping up. Currently:

QB - Andrew Luck, Andy Dalton, Sam Bradford
RB - Le’Veon Bell, Theo Riddick, CJ Prosise
RB - TY Hilton, Alshon Jeffery, Michael Crabtree, Willie Snead, Sterling Shepard
TE - Gerald Everett

Weak at TE but I expected that as everyone was going TE and I wanted to add to my WRs. I’ll only be starting one TE so I’ll grab another 2 and play the matchups. Need definite TE starters.

I’m pretty happy so far. Just need to add more depth to RB and WR now over the next 13 picks (25 man rosters).


Nice job so far!


The draft has now finished. Pretty happy with my team overall. A good mix of proven talent, youth and players with upside. Went WR heavy since I only need to start 2 RBs but have the potential of starting up to 5 WRs (most likely 4 as one spot is superflex). 26 man roster.

QB - Andrew Luck, Andy Dalton, Sam Bradford
RB - Le’Veon Bell, Theo Riddick, CJ Prosise, Terrance West, Jeremy McNichols, Wendell Smallwood
WR - TY Hilton, Alshon Jeffery, Michael Crabtree, Willie Snead, Sterling Shepard, Pierre Garcon, Kenny Golladay, Braxton Miller, Mack Hollins, Geronimo Allison, Jehu Chesson, Deante Burton
TE - Gerald Everett, CJ Fiedorowicz, Charles Clay, Bucky Hodges, Seth DeValve