Superflex Dynasty Startup - Need 2 Teams $40


We currently have 9/12 spots filled for a Superflex Dynasty startup. Looking to fill up those spots with some committed folks. Buy-in is $40 per year and we ask that you deposit the second year fees in when buying in for the first. This helps deter players from leaving an orphaned team right out of the gate.

It’s a good group of fellas and expect some witty banter along the way. We have a bylaw document all typed out if you are interested. Please let me know, we are wanting to startup a slow draft next weekend (May 21st).

I’m also the only one in the league who listens to the ballers. Would be nice to add some more footclan members in.




I’ve been looking to join a Dynasty league and this sounds perfect. What platform is this on?

League has been filled.