Superflex dynasty trade 0.5ppr

Am I over thinking this? I am on the fence about this one. Trade away Cam and Ekeler for Rivers and AB? It’s tough getting a QB1 and I am sitting on two at the moment who are either realy young or decently young. We start 1QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1Flex, 1Superflex, 1TE, 1DST.

My Team:
QB: Newton, Mayfield, Foles, Flacco, Smith, McCoy
RB: Mixon, Conner, Guice, White, Burkhead, Dixon, McGuire, Ekeler, Thompson, Wilkins, Buck Allen, Boone
WR: Adams, Hill, Landry, Davis, Reynolds, Sherfield
TE: Kelce, Brate, RSJ, Ian Thomas, Jonnu Smith
DST: Redskins
Picks: 2019 2.07, 2.10, 3.03, 3.10

His Team:

QB: Rivers, Manning, Fitzpatrick, Lauletta, Kessler
RB: DJ, Gordon, Barber, LeSean McCoy, RJ3, Edmonds, Malcolm Brown, Edwards, David Williams,
WR: AB, John Brown, Sanders, Agholor, Gabriel, Enunwa, Dez Bryant, Martavis Bryant, Moncrief, Seth Roberts, Perriman, Tim Patrick
TE: Cook, Walker, Jarwin
DST: Bears, Cowboys
Picks: 2019 none

I would definitely do this trade. Cam Newton has been injured and kind of declining, so I would much rather take AB, who is still a top WR and Rivers, who you can get a couple years of high level play which gives u time to find an eventual replacement.

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Yepp iam with JarekF21. Nice trade!

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