Superflex Dynasty Trade Offer

I have been offered DJ Moore and the 1.01 for my DeAndre Hopkins and Ryan Tannehill. Would you accept this offer?
I also have picks 1.02 and 1.03. My other QBs are Dak and Wentz.

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I wouldn’t accept that.
I personally like Nuk more than DJ Moore, but even if you consider them equal, you would then be trading the 1.01 for Tanny. I don’t think anyone would think that’s fair.

I have Nuk and Tannehill right now though

Got it :slight_smile:

I still like your guys more. Specially since you have 1.02 and 1.03, and Tanny is your 3rd QB.
What does the other owner have that you could add in a counter?

I think I take it. Without knowledge of roster construction or league format.

Moore does have slightly lower rankings than Hopkins, however DJ was WR13 last year with KYLE ALLEN. We saw that Teddy can feed a WR1 (MT last season for 5 games) and I think DJ will be a WR1 in 2020. Hopkins will as well, but that’s known. It’s also important to note the age difference between the two. DJ just turned 23. Hopkins will be 28 in June.

The 1.01 is Burrow or Tua. You have the 1.02 and 1.03 so who cares the order. I’d take my players in reverse order just to troll my leaguemates. Anyway, I personally think Burrow or Tua will be better than Tannehill. (They both have a higher upside than Tannehill). Burrow on the Bengals offense sounds really nice with AJ Green, Tyler Boyd, Joe mixon out of the back and John Ross stretching the field.

So the difference lays with the QBs. Nuk will outscore DJ by 1-2 points maybe per game. You’ll make up for that with Burrow. Burrow will outscore Tannehill by 4-5 points per game.

Hopefully this helps, DJ Moore + Joe Burrow > Nuk + Tannehill.


I’d take it. Sitting on the top 3 picks gives you a ton of leverage and with the picks you have it looks like you are not in win now. Getting a younger wr in moore and tannehill turns into tua, burrow or herbert of you like him.

No-brainer to me…


It all boils down to whether you think you can hit with the first three picks of the draft. I don’t know who else you have at QB so I don’t know if you’re forced to replace your QB. But thinking about potentially having Swift + Lamb/Jeudy + name a player has my mouth watering considering I get DJ Moore as well. I would personally wait to see how the rookie draft plays out and then decide wether I think I can live with having to replace Hopkins’ production.

Nvm just re-read about your other QBs. Pull that trigger.

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Thanks for all of your help! He actually is now reverting back to the original trade we discussed. I’m still on the fence with it though. He’s now wanting Hopkins and Wentz for
DJ Moore, this years 1.01, and 2021 1st rounder.
What do y’all think about that one?

This changes nothing to me. I’d still pull that trigger.

It doesn’t change too much for me. Wentz is significantly higher in my rankings than Tannehill, but Wentz seems to be injury prone at this point in his career. I do think that Philadelphia offense takes a step forward, but I’d still want the youth.

If you’re looking to win now I do keep my pieces though. I’m not sure Burrow outscores Wentz in his rookie year.

I don’t care what your roster situation is or league scoring, you accept that trade and you accept it NOW!

Which one Keith? He reneged on the original trade and has sent a counter. See my comment above with the new offer

Either one are instant accepts

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I would think about this one I kind of like the deal the way it is proposed but I would try to get another throw in. Maybe if you have multiple 3rds swap a third for their 2nd as you could get a solid pick at the top of the second as well.

Smash accept before he walks away. That’s stealing.