SuperFlex Keeper Question...Cam Akers ruined me

So I was all set to keep Cam Akes for an 8th this year. Also keeping Kyler for a 3rd and Diontae Johnson for a 10th…where do ya’ll lean with these three options to replace Akers:

Kareem for a 6th, Damien Harris for a 12th, or I guess baker for a 7th is an option too…but not feelin that.

10 person league if it matters to you.

I personally would keep Damien Harris for a 12th.

That is great value for a possible mid/low RB2. Harris has talent, he just suffers from Newton vulturing a lot of goal line TDs and lack of passing work.

Imho, if Mac Jones takes over this year, Harris will gain nearly all of the goal line work as Jones does not run.

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I agree with @recespieces31 here, Damien Harris has the value and potential upside in 12th to be a nice pick especially if Jones gets the start.

Baker is interesting though as a 7th in superflex. Which has me kinda leaning his direction though. If it was a larger league I’d be certain on Baker in 7th. It’s close but I think Baker offers the best value in my opinion as he doesn’t need circumstances to fall his way.

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