Superflex Keeper

I’m in an 8 team, (QB, WR, WR, RB, RB, TE, W/R/T,SFlex), 2 keeper league. Keep the player for the round drafted last year: T.Brady-2, E. Elliot-3, D. Hopkins-5, K. Hunt-7, Z. Ertz-12. Which 2 would ya’ll suggest keeping?

Zeke ans Hunt by a country mile

zeke for sure but in an 8 man league i would almost go ertz just so you have a stud TE.
A top TE in a smaller league is a must have.
But if not ertz, hunt forsure

Depending on who else you think will fall out, and where you’re picking, I think Zeke and Hopkins are the choices here. You’d probably be able to grab Hunt/Ertz somewhere in the 1st/2nd rounds anyways.