Superflex League 10 TM Full PPR - PLZ HELP

QB: Brady , Bridgewater
RB: Mixon, CEH, Javonte Williams, Eli Mitchell
WR: Lamb, Terry, Arob, Aiyuk, Diontae, Higgins, Chark
TE: Gronk and Pitts

Trade Gronk for Kareem Hunt?

If it is redraft, I would try to trade Pitts and CEH for someone, maybe Hunt.

It is redraft… Hunt owner is TE needy and will do Gronk for Hunt straight up. Trying to sell high on Gronk, cant keep scoring 2 TD a game…

Not horrible, especially with Gronk’s injury history. Might be the best you can do.

Do you think Pitts and CEH for Chris Carson is good?

Definitely, I would do that first.

Truly, I’d wait for CEH to have a big game. Right now his value is probably the lowest it will be this year.

Unless, of course, Williams takes over and you completely lose out.

Darrell Williams? I guess that is a possibility. Although, I think its unlikely.

You like Gronk for Hunt? Semi upgrade from CEH right now in a way? Lol playing chicago so maybe run game is stopped and they throw this week

I mean Hunt is a good value the problem is that this will probably be CEH’s worse game this year. I mean he is one a great offense & is the RB1 for that offense. For me, I’d rather hold him, but I don’t think Hunt is bad value for CEH I just don’t care to trade someone at their low point. You know, Sell high, buy low. I think Gronk & CEH for Hunt is a lateral move not an upgrade.

The Hunt owner though said he would do Gronk for Hunt straight up. As a Pitts owner and Brady, would this help me out?

Yep, you definitely need RB more than TE. Its good value. Especially if Chubb should happen to miss a couple of games.