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Superflex League Advice


I’m playing in my first standard scoring superflex league. Any advice? Because you can put a QB in the flex is it a must? Also, does the superflex make it very desirable to have 2-3 QB’s on the roster?


I’ve been in a superflex league for a few years now. Everyone starts a 2nd QB in that slot. I find superflex to be one small line-up change that makes a major change in the league. If you’re a 10 team league, you’ve got the top 20 QBs already spoken for right off the bat, which limits streaming opportunities for bye weeks ect.

About half of the teams in my league draft a 3rd QB. Some simply bite the bullet and start a flex WR or RB in that position to cover a bye week.


The league I’m playing in is a 14 team. Does that mean i should jump QB’s up my rankings?


Yeah, I think they have got to move up in your rankings. If you wait to draft QBs late, it’s going to be really slim pickings with that many players.


@ Myndflyte I agree, if you don’t move QB’s up in your ranking, you’ll be stuck with Wentz, Flacco or Andy Dalton at best as your # 2 QB. Look a little sooner and grab Cousins, Big Ben, Carr or Prescott as your #2.


Yes with 14 team superflex leagues you want to make sure you bump QBs up in your ranks. Make sure you leave with two of the better options. Even going QB in rnd 1 is good for a superflex league.


QB strategy can vary. If you want a Rodger/Brady/Brees/Luck, then yes you’ll have to move up. Keep in mind the drop off at each position and how that reflects with the scoring in your league. If top QBs start to come off the board early, it can be easy to panic and grab someone like Mariota or Carr and leave good WRs

My advice: Figure out if you want a top tier QB before the draft and stick with that.
If you do want one, go after them early and set the tone. Let the other guys panic and over reach for second tier QBs while you clean up the WR2-3 and RB2-3 players
If you’d rather go WR/RB early and are fine with a second tier QB, don’t panic when Rodgers and Brees come off the board. Have a few QBs in mind (say - Big Ben, Dalton, Rivers) who could serve as a low end QB1. When you start to see them go, then you know it’s time to act.

Is this a new league, or just new to you? If everyone involved is drafting for a superflex for the first time QBs will go early.