Superflex I pick up or stay put?

Superflex League, 12 team, 0.5ppr

My QB’s right now are Watson and Josh Allen. We’re not allowed to Roster more than 2 QB’s at a time and both Brees and Winston are on the waiver wire. Do I drop Allen for either or hold on ROS because of Allens easy schedule? TBH, my biggest concern is that championship week Allen plays NE.

I would keep Allen, keep in mind that if the Patriots have secure the bag for playoffs by then. They won’t play starters by week 16th.

I never thought of that! Thanks for the wisdom

I’m easily holding Allen. Not making a roster decision based on one week that I may or not be play in.

If Brees and Winston are available in a 12 team superflex league than there will be someone to steam in week 16… if you need it.