Superflex Mock Draft Issue

Mock draft sites tend to want to draft QBs early (Round 1-3) for the superflex mock drafts that I do. I get it, there’s more value for the QBs. However, my league doesn’t really draft QBs in the first 3 rounds. Any advice in trying to figure out how to best prepare?

What if you try a Sleeper mock where you’ve already selected some of the top QB’s as “keepers” at approx the time you might expect? Don’t know for sure this will work… purely guessing.

Shoot, that is a simple answer huh?

I have noticed that as well. For what it is worth, I am in 3 Superflex leagues (I like that format and am the league manager in all 3). In one draft, QB’s were hardly taken. Only 7 in the first 7 rounds. I was able to wait for my top two targets (L. Jackson and J. Allen) until the 9th and 13th rounds. I loaded up on RB’s and WR’s in the first 8 rounds. In the other league, 20 were taken in the first 7 rounds, but I was still able to get Jackson and Allen in rounds 6/7. Who are you trying to get? Keep an eye on what happens and get your guys when you think they could go off the board. My third draft is tonight, and I am still going for the same two guys. I hope you do well.

The draft was last week. I ended up going Cam in the 5th and Josh Allen in the 10th. My Cam selection started a run on QBs in the 5th/6th range. This is a league were 5 other QBs were keepers; myself included with Baker in the 14th. I’m content with it who I got. I struggled with QBs last year and I probably over compensated.

Yeah, you sound like you did well with your picks. I missed both of my guys last night. Someone took Jackson with the last pick of round 4. I thought about Cam, but I wasn’t going to pull that trigger until round 6 at least. When I got there, he was gone, so I took another WR (Woods), but was able to get Goff in round 7. When I picked in round 8, David Montgomery was still there, so I took him, looking at the board and figuring that no one would take Allen before my next pick. The pick right before me, he got sniped, so I immediately pivoted to Trubisky. Missed both of my QB’s, but I am happy with my team. Got Kamara, Carson, Elliot, and Montgomery as RB’s to go with Juju, Evans and Woods at WR. That is strong.