Superflex questions

I am thinking about playing in a superflex league this year. I have heard talk about it, but never really understood the strategy. I know that it makes QB’s more valuable, but where do you draft them? Are there any strategies that aren’t obvious? Just want some input. I’m also open to joining one if there is an opening. Thanks

Hey there! Been a fairly big money SF league for 4 years now, and just started my own keeper league last year SF as well. Typically you will see the top teir all gone in the first round (1-3 QBs) and then a good chunk of tier two (2-4 QBs) go in round two, by the end of round five, you are in QB 12-15 range depending on how big the runs were.
This year will probably be mahomes in the first few picks, and then the next big 3/4(Allen, dak, Watson maybe, kyles/russ) will all probably go by end of round 2.
My advice: take mahomes if he is ever presented too you, same with Josh Allen and Dak Prescott. Replace Allen and dak with your personal QBs 2&3, but otherwise, load up on the crazy value that is falling the first few rounds. Go in knowing that last duo you like having as your starting QBs. In rounds 3-5 be on the look out, see how close you are getting to the end of week one starters you like, and make sure you get them both between 4-7, then grab a rookie, or an upside QB(maybe both) rounds 8-12. Hope that helps, and that’s just my strategy, I’m sure there are other good ones.

If you TL/DR:
A few strategy options:

  1. load up on awesome RB AND WRs first 5 rounds, grab one Qb you feel really comfortable starting all year, with a secure job. Then get 2/3 more upside QBs later. One in the mid rounds, and one/two really late
  2. grab a QB round one, unless the top 6/7 are all gone somehow. Get your RB round 2 and another stud QB round 3, Best player available after that.
    No matter what:
    Have two QBS you’d bet $100 are starting all year and
    cheers and good luck, if I have an opening in mine I’ll send you the info