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SUPERFLEX Startup - QB2 Question

As my second QB should I take Tannehill who is almost 32 years old or Gardner Minshew who is 24?

I know its the Minshew show this year and he can prove himself and be a nice long term asset in a superflex league, tannehill will come down to earth in terms of QBR but the ballers still have him ranked ahead of Minshew.

Please help I’m on the pick clock soon

Honestly, it doesn’t matter. None of us truly have a crystal ball to see the future. Take who you will like having more on your team.

To give an opinion only answer, Minshew. He’ll likely have to throw more with the Jags likely not leading many games,

Thank you for your response @morestagedives unfortunately the forums are not very active right now so it’s the only response to my question. I ended up taking Ryan Tannehill and let me tell you why.

But before that I have to address your crystal ball comment…

we play fantasy football because it’s fun and it’s analytics driven it’s numbers driven it’s a guy sports thing it’s everything all-in-one and yes it’s most definitely gambling because you never know how somebody’s going to do in any particular game or any particular season.

But when you do look at the variables that are under your control, basically the facts behind the information that’s out there and available; it doesn’t become crystal ball gazing …a better analogy is more like white water rafting.
if the current and the stream are taking you where you want to go and at the right speed then it’s fun and enjoyable but if you see that it’s taking you in a direction that you’re not liking or towards a rock you try to course correct That’s what fantasy football is like. As a GM your hands is on the rudder, paddle, steering wheel etc.

we listen to the fantasy footballers because they have confidence in their projections and because they have been accurate over many years and because they’re super funny :joy:

so for your sake and for the sake of anyone else’s question you may answer regarding fantasy football please don’t give wishy-washy ‘Crystal ball’ like answers. Instead if you were navigating that boat where would you steer? Answer with conviction, and back up your answer if you can.

if this were any other forum I probably wouldn’t have even written this reply, but I do care about my fellow foot clan members so I wanted to get that off my chest. Hopefully in a caring kind of way and not biting your head off stagedives :,-)

So needless to say Ryan Tannehill did take over the starting job they shipped out Marcus Mariota they paid him a 4-year deal with a lot of guaranteed money so at the very worst Ryan Tannehill has this job for 4 years now I am playing in a super flex league so quarterbacks are in super demand and it is dynasty so you do want the younger assets, I hope Gardner Minshew is a name that we get to say for the next decade but his money’s not guaranteed yet and if you look at the numbers he struggled, he had his ups and downs. And just because your defense is crappy and you have to throw the ball a lot doesn’t make you a great fantasy quarterback it’s all about efficiency at the quarterback position as well, look at jameis Winston his defense was good last year but he intercepted himself right out of a job and if this was dynasty you know that would have gone from having a starting quarterback to a backup in the wings.

Would any of us be surprised if the jaguars are terrible this year and Minshew regresses and starts looking like a sixth round pick again and they’re tanking for Trevor Lawrence?

P.S. after I took Tannehill the guy who was two picks behind me paid the farm and traded up to take Gardiner Minshew directly after me :stuck_out_tongue:

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You put a lot of work into a response I’m never going to read.

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