Superflex Tiered PPR Dynasty Startup Auction 24 player 2 copy

Any Given Sunday 18 of 24 spots filled

New dynasty startup. Bylaws are below. It’ll be a Superflex, .5 PPR RB, 1 PPR WR, 1.5 PPR TE auction startup. Shoot me an email, if interested. Goal is to start auction draft next weekend once everyone is paid up.

League Construction: 2 Divisions of 12 Teams. These divisions can trade with each other. They are not independent of each other despite the fact they do not play regular season games against each other. 24 Total teams with 2 Copies of Players.

Owner Rules

  • An owner must keep trade notifications on.
  • You must have a icon
  • Must join the league GroupMe
  • Check in every 2 weeks
  • An owner must vote in all polls.
  • Must start active players in your lineup.
  • An owner is not allowed to transfer a team to another owner. Ownership of teams falls on the commissioners.

Failure to comply to all of these may get an owner fined (auction/BB dollars) or removed from the league upon the commissioner’s discretion.

Schedule Year One:

Startup Auction Draft - ASAP when Filled

Waiver Draft - Immediately after Startup Auction

Rookie Draft - April 28, 2019 (Sunday After NFL Draft) or after Auction Draft ends

Schedule Year Two and Beyond

Rookie Draft - Sunday After NFL Draft

Start Up Auction Draft:

  • The draft will begin once the league fills
  • Proxy Style
  • Owners will nominate 1 player at the start of the draft. Players must be nominated by 5:00 PM EST.
  • Once you win a player you will nominate a new player.
  • Players must be nominated on MFL prior to 5:00 PM EST.
    • If you are unable to nominate by 5:00 PM EST, please notify the commissioner via direct message GroupMe with your nomination.
  • Each Team will receive $1500 for the initial start up and it will include Vets and Rookie Picks in the Pool. (Rookie 1.01-3.24)
  • Slow auction style draft with a 10 hour clock. The clock will reset upon a new owner becoming the highest bidder.
  • Only one copy of the player may be up for auction at a time.
  • You can trade away your auction money for future picks or already acquired players. For instance, you can have more than $1500 through trading.
  • Once the league is full and everyone is paid up trading will be opened up in lead up to the start up auction date.

Auction Bid Rules:

You are NOT ALLOWED to price enforce on a player you already own, doing so will result in fines due. MFL doesn’t allow you to win or nominate a player you own this is in place to stop the owner from bidding on the player he/she owns. There will be a $10 startup budget for the restocking of the player.

Each owner is in charge of keeping up with its own budget. Over bidding will result in $10 fine for the restocking of the player.

Post Draft Free Agency

After the inaugural rookie draft we’ll move into free agency. The first year you will have $100 of FAAB to bid on leftover rookies, startup auction players to get your roster to 30 players. Waivers will run every Wednesday at Noon and Sunday at Noon during the offseason.


Waivers will run every week on Wednesday (12pm Noon EST) throughout the year. You will use your Blind Bidding for these moves. The offseason will only have weekly waivers. In season there will be FCFS waivers between the waiver run and kickoff of game. Each team is given $200 Blind Bid Dollars at the conclusion of the Rookie Draft (After Waiver Draft Year 1). These Bidding dollars do not rollover, use them or lose them.

Trade Deadline

No trades after players lock on week 12.

Rookie Draft: Held Sunday After NFL Draft- 8 Hour Pick Timer

4 Round Draft draft position determined by lowest potential points for non-playoff teams. Playoff teams are seeded by reverse standing. Picks can be traded throughout all divisions. We will be allowing the trade of rookie picks one year in advance. IE you’ll be able to trade 2020 picks during the first year. 2021 picks unlock when the 2020 league page rolls over in February 2020.


25 Active Roster

5 Taxi

10 Starters

3 IRs (Suspended and IR)

QB RB WR WR TE Superflex Flex Flex Flex Flex

Taxi Squad

For Rookies, rookies can move up and down the taxi squad freely during the offseason. Once the season starts players can only come up from taxi, the only exception is when you trade for a player that was on another owners taxi (Please Explain so in Trade Comments ie (X Teams Joe Mixon Taxi eligible copy) ). Once player copies are moved off the taxi squad they are not allowed to move back down.


Tanking will be allowed however record or points for will not determine your future draft spot. The next years rookie draft order for non playoff teams is determined by possible points, not points for. You can certainly “tank” in order to build for the future, but there is no reason not to set your best roster every week.

Offseason Roster

  • Limit: 30 Active Roster. No IR in offseason.
  • IR/SUSP is not allowed to be used between NFL Superbowl and start of season. You can start using the IR/SUSP/ spot 1 week prior to the season.
  • This limit will begin following the fantasy playoffs.
  • IR Players must be taken off IR before the NFL Superbowl.
  • You must cut down to 25 players and finalize Taxi Squad prior to week 1 of the following season.
  • If you do not, you will not be able to submit a roster which can result in removal from the league.


Tiered PPR: .5 RB, 1 WR, 1.5 TE

Passing: .04pt per yard, 4pt TD, 2pt 2PC, -2pt Int

Rushing: .1 per yard, -2pt fumble, 2pt 2PC, 6pt TD

Receiver: .1 per yard -2pt fumble, 6pt TD


All Transactions done on Leaguesafe

$30 Entry Fee + MFL Fees

MFL Fees are listed as $34.98 for the first year then $89.95 for the next year. I believe there is a $10 early bird discount for each year

  • Fees are due one week after the superbowl

Prizes Money - TBD

Total Pot $720

League Champion: $360

League Runner up: $150

Division Playoff Runner-Ups: $60 (2 Division * $60 = $120)

Most Points For Regular Season: $30

Regular Season Division Champion: $30 Each (2 Division * $30 = $60)

Divisions Realignment:

The division winners will draft the divisions for the next year through a snake draft. This will begin after week the league fills and is paid up for the following season.

Divisions Competition: 2 Divisions

  • Play Everyone Twice with 9 Doubleheaders
  • 6 Playoff Teams Each Division
  • W/L tiebreakers H2H then Total Points to determine top 5 seeds.
  • The 6th playoff spot in each division will be awarded to the team with the most points for during the season of the bottom 7 teams.
  • Week 1-12 Regular Season
  • Week 13 First Round Playoffs:
    • Byes for #1 and #2
    • #3 seed can pick their opponent from #4, #5, #6 seed
  • Week 14 Second Round Playoffs
    • Teams coming off byes can use week 14 scores during this round.
    • #1 seed can pick their opponent from #2, and week 13 winners
  • Week 15 Division Finals
  • Week 16 League Super Bowl

In the wild scenario where two teams tie in the playoffs the winner will be declared off points possible for that week.

Toilet Bowl:

12 Team Playoff following the same schedule as the regular playoffs. #7 seed will be the 1 seed and so on. Winner of the Toilet Bowl will earn the 2.25 rookie pick in the next years draft.

  • Week 13 First Round Playoffs:
    • Byes for #7 and #8
    • #9 seed can pick their opponent from #10, #11, #12 seed
  • Week 14 Second Round Playoffs
    • Teams coming off byes can use week 14 scores during this round.
    • #7 seed can pick their opponent from #8, and week 13 winners
  • Week 15 Division Finals
  • Week 16 League Toilet Bowl

Dispersal Draft:

If 2 or more owners leave the league there will be a dispersal draft including the assets all teams involved. Current owners are allowed to drop their team and join the dispersal draft.

Voting on polls in this league is mandatory. You MUST vote on all proposals. Majority for normal votes is reached if 13/24 owners agree on a rule change.

Any rule change that affects starting lineup requirements, scoring, or roster size will not be installed the following season. It will be installed the season after that (aka gap year than installment). A scoring or starting lineup change will need 16/24 votes (2/3 majority).

Failure to vote in league polls could lead to being replaced in the league.

Everyone playing is an adult and should conduct themselves as such. Trash talk, bragging, dirty jokes, etc are expected. There is a line. The commissioners will draw the line between comments made in good fun and inflammatory comments that could harm the good of the league.

Best Interest Clause:
Should circumstances, issues, or problems arise for which a remedy is not stated in the Rules… the Commissioners reserves the right to take whatever actions he deems necessary in the best interest of the league. He may consult with some or all other owners and/or possibly take a vote.


Trades are not official until they are accepted through MFL. If a trade is agreed upon while the site is down in between seasons both owners must send the trade to the commissioner via GroupMe or Email. Otherwise verbal agreements are not official trades. If you trade away a future draft pick you will be required to pay the next years league fees of the trade will be reversed in 48 hours.

Now 20 of 24 filled