Superflex Trades

Superflex league, 1/3 PPR

Team A has Garoppolo as his only QB and he has Howard at TE. Which trade is better for him?

#1 - Trades Evans and Garoppolo for Daniel Jones, John Brown, Chris Herndon

#2 - Trades Evans and Watkins for Goff, Cooks, and Larry Fitzgerald

I think it’s a no brainer but want to see what everyone else thinks

Trade #2 is better for him. Goff>Jones, Fitz>Brown Herndon would be nice but in a superflex you almost need 2 QB’s. Only have 1 and it being Jones is not something I would want.

Thanks, that was my opinion too. I’m the person trading him option #2 so trying to convince him my offer is better

I agree with @sdatkins . In superflex, you really need at least 2 QBs. The second trade is by far the better deal for a team with 1 QB. I’d imagine he wants to upgrade his TE, which is why he is leaning towards offer 1, but I’d still rather have Goff and Cooks.