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Surprise Keeper League Need Advice


So I’m in a 12 man standard league and I won last year. The finals went to week 17 so I dropped a lot of players for back ups cause of NFL teams benching starters that week. I just got informed by the commissioner that we are doing a 4 man keeper (based on last year’s line up) and the keepers will not effect draft order or substitute a draft pick for this years draft. We just pick 4 keepers and continue as a snake draft. I am keeping Lev Bell, Dez, and TY Hilton. I have Rivers, Rawls, and Powell left. Should I keep one of them and which one? Who should I target for first round in the draft?


Wow, commish did you dirty. Gotta keep 4? Take Powell.


Are there picks associated with these players? I’d probably take Powell, sense he’s going earlier and draft Rawls (I think he’s a potential 5th round value in the 10th round).


I mean it doesn’t affect anything, might as well keep one. It’s Powell for me. He has a chance to get a lot of garbage time receptions. Not that it’s PPR or anything, but something is better than nothing.


My point was, if you keep on e of them for a significantly later pick, and the other for a 4th (for instance), that makes a big difference, from a value standpoint.


You need to drop this league. Week 17 finals and random rule changes? That’s brutal.

If you have to keep someone the answer is Powell.


First thing you need to do is get the league to have finals in week 16. As for your question, I’d keep Powell. Rawls was terrible last year and will probably share snaps with Lacy now.

Probably not fair to call Rawls terrible so much as his offensive line and terrible play calling. Who throws the ball 3 times at the 1 yard line? Especially when that cost you a Super Bowl??? Sorry, still bitter from picking him up last year


I’m in a 4 keeper league (not a surprise; your commish is messed up). There is always a team who has a really good 5th guy that will trade for basically nothing (6th rounder) because they won’t get to keep their 5th anyways. You should be able to upgrade from the 3 guys you named.