Survivor Dynasty Draft Question

I am in a new unique survivor dynasty league that will run for 4 seasons eliminating lowest teams as we go with no players eligable for redraft once those teams are eliminated. Also no trades. I have unfortunately been selected to draft last in the 16 spot and I am wondering what strategies I might be able to make the best of this situation. Because it is a 4 year team i guess youth is an asset… but also need to make a splash with the first 2 back to back picks. Do I go best WR and best RB I can get? Or 2 best RB and get mid tier WRs… go for RB and Kelce maybe? Open to advise here…

Drafting that late you’re going to always feel like you’re behind the curve. Everyone is taking a RB and you’re stuck without one of the best one’s for example. So the main goal is to stay ahead of the trend. Everyone will be going RB/WR in the first round. So I’d go Mahomes/Kelce combo if possible with my first two picks. Assuming Mahomes won’t make it to you in the 3.16 pick. It leaves you a little weak at RB1 and WR1 but you’ll have the best TE and QB and they’re a combo TD since they both are for KC. Kelce will be elite for at least 4 more years and Mahomes just started his career.

I am running it in the mock draft on sleeper and started taking Mahomes and Kelce with first two picks. Usually leaves me in the range of Freeman and Montgomery for RBs or M Willams WR … and then a mixed crowd of MVS , Edleman, Geronimo, Tate… also need to think of age of guys for the 4 years… justice hill comes up… agholor… any of those guys to favor? I guess stacking Mahomes and Kelce can benefit in covering some points lost on lesser WRs.