Sutton/Anderson worth stashing?

#3 wr in Denver

Robby got 1 look. Probably going to be the same all year cuz Darnold won’t take many risky shots down field

Drop for Hines?

I dropped Sutton to pick up Brandon Marshall. Thinking about dropping Jalen RIchard to get Sutton back. Really like him, just don’t know if he will have the opportunities. May need an injury to crack the top two, but if he does I see him keeping one of the two spots.

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That’s why I’m having a hard time dropping him. I just think he has the chemistry with Keenum and seems as if he’s so close to being the next guy

A crystal ball into the midway point of the season would be awesome, eh?

I love Sutton. I had to drop him to pick up rbs after losing McKinnon. I wish I had space but I need to hold on to Morris/Brieda to see a bit more before cutting someone. I would rather have Sutton than Anderson, Denver plays some awful pass defenses and the guys ahead of him are older