Sutton, Baldwin, Hyde, or Yeldon (standard)

As the case is for most people here, need to win this matchup to have a shot at the playoffs


TJ Yeldon (vs. IND)

Carlos Hyde (also vs. IND)

Courtland Sutton (@CIN)

Doug Baldwin (vs. SF)

If you need safe points, definately Yeldon as fournette is suspended and i doubt Hyde get’s more work than Yeldon.

If you want to gamble on a BOOM, Baldwin has seen increasing targets each week. I’d say he’s damn close to getting back to 100%.

Third option, and this is an absolute dart throw is Sutton, as he generally only gets 2-4 catches per game, but there generally those big 50/50 bombs downfield. Could get some major yards and a TD against a crashing and burning bengals team.

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Yeldon. Jags will be playing from behind so I would take the passing RB on the Jags rather than the runner.

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even with standard scoring?

Yes. Don’t like Hyde at all. He will need to run 20 times to get 50 yards.