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Sutton, Kirk or Gallup


0.5 PPR, dynasty start up. Currently have Keenan Allen and Baldwin - what’s everyone’s thoughts?


depends on what you are looking for. if you want the biggest potential, that would be sutton. if you want someone who will produce right away and should still have a damn good career, kirk is the way to go. then pure safety i think goes to gallup. but who wants to do that. you just have to wait for the goods with sutton. so in a startup where you probably need players to produce now, kirk is the best all around bet.


@BusterD pretty much summed it up


Appreciate the advice, agree with you totally. Kirk was the one who ended up falling to me in the end, Sutton went two picks earlier but I’m happy with Kirk… as long as he stops throwing rocks at cars smh :man_facepalming:


haha i think im cursed this year, because this is the second time i have talked someone up only to have news come out against them within hours. but this isnt news im too worried about. sounds like the cardinals knew about it, and still took him. so we should too.


Haha I had no clue, then saw it on NFL.com today and thought ‘what have you done!’ but yeah he should be fine - Larry will get him straight!


I think they did you a favor, honestly. I’m a lot lower on Sutton than most. I think he’s fine, and has a chance to be pretty good, but I don’t actually think he’s the best WR they drafted this year (though he may have the higher theoretical ceiling). Also don’t think they’re going to be as threadbare at WR as many assume next year. I agree one of the two starters is likely gone, but I don’t think both are, and I also don’t think we’ve heard the last of Carlos Henderson. Personally, I’d rather have Kirk, Miller, Gallup and maybe Hamilton (though I’m not as confident in this one, for several reasons, all of which are situstional) than Sutton.


Yeah i don’t think i liked Sutton enough to pick him if he fell to me, i would have gone another way i agree he’s very raw and Denver in my view isn’t the team to develop him. Happy enough with Kirk, at least he’ll get opportunity right away in some way or form so i can see what i have and should fit in nicely when Fitz hangs it up


ill argue a point for sutton real quick just because i like him. they didnt draft him in the 2nd to be their 3rd guy. they drafted him there to be their guy going into the future, or at the very least their number 2 for the future. to me that says a high floor, and with his skillset, a high ceiling. but, i still stick with taking kirk in a startup when you will need more production year 1.


The best laid plans of mice and men…

But in all seriousness, plenty of highly drafted WRs never pan out, and it’s more often than not these size & speed freaks who are not technically refined. Sutton fits that bill. If they hadn’t draft a WR that I think is just a flat out better football player later in the draft, I’d feel a lot better about Sutton.


the best laid out plans always have the chance to fail. but that doesnt mean they will. and all we have to go off of is what we know. and what we know is he is an athletic freak, you can teach technique if the WR is willing to learn, and they drafted him high for a reason. i mean those things are undeniable. so sure, he could always bust. or he could be the best WR the broncos have ever had for 10 years. but, like i said i would prefer kirk right now. i just always liked sutton


Thanks for the input guys, i think it’s safe to assume Sutton is a stash and wait and see pick up for sure. Any freakishly athletic rookie will always get overvalued this early on because we only have upside and potential to work with. He needs to put the work into the technique side of the position though, you can’t do it for very long if at all just on raw athletic skill


As mentioned by @DFWB I would also look for Miller if he is still out there. That guy also has tonnes of upsdie. While I like Sutton just fine, and as your #3, I think you will have more long tail with Kirk as a WR2/3 over his career.


Name the last WR who got draft high because he was big and fast, but had major technique issues, that actually worked out. Tell me if I’m missing someone, but here’s the recent history:

Doctson: Jury still out, but I’m not holding my breath.
Treadwell: yikes
Kevin White: not looking great
Devante Parker: not looking great
Breshaud Perriman: double yikes
DGB: is he even in the league?
Funchess: probably the best of the bunch, which isn’t saying much.
Sammie Coates: essentially a 0

I think the answer is Mike Evans. 1 guy in 4 years.

Half these guys are first rounders, and were
members of WR classes more highly regarded than this one. I could make a similar list of guys who got drafted high just for speed, and it wouldn’t look a ton better. Does that mean Sutton will suffer the same fate? No, but it does make me think it’s harder to teach NFL passable technique than one might think. Combine that with the success of less sparq-y, more polished WRs from those same drafts (MT, Juju, Kupp, Shepard, and to a lesser extent Godwin and Mitchell), and I’ll gladly take guys who compare more favorably to those guys: Miller, Gallup, Kirk, Hamilton (Hamilton, in particular, is available much, much later).


Good points well made, I’ve taken Kirk and Miller now and in pretty happy with them and the price I paid to get then vs the other names.

I would almost put Dez in that big and fast but has technique issues, worked out and drafted high category - route running now he’s lost the step he can’t run them all?


To which I agree, kirk is the choice. But siteing the last few years paints a picture like they dont ever work out. But the pendulum always swings back sooner or later. A few years ago RB 0 was the strat. Now everyone has shifted because the player talent has shifted. So it will swing back. I wasnt a fan of the last 4 years draft classes as a whole. I see a lot of players in good spots for their talents and I’m not going to let the last 4 years make me ignore the talent. And sutton has that. He also has the mentality to learn. Most of the players you named, did not. Do I agree the pattern of late has been negative, it always swings back and usually after 3 or 4 years. So going off of that, logic would dictate the opposite of what you are saying. But like always it’s about perspective. Mine is that sutton is a high class talent and ended up in one of the better spots for him to learn and grow.


They rarely do. There’s at least one of these guys virtually every year. And they almost never work out.