Sutton Matchup, Golladay Volume

Who would you rather start as WR2 this week. Sutton or Golladay.
Golladay has a tougher matchup against the cards, Sutton has a seemingly easier matchup against the 49ers.
Who do you think is the better play here?

Personally I would start Golladay. I’m thinking Sanders bounces back this week against San Fran.

I’m a huge Lions fan.

Don’t trust Golladay due to Stafford. Don’t trust Stafford due to Jim Bob Cooters terrible play calling.

I’m firmly in the Sutton camp this week.

What Cooter lacks in play calling ability, he more than makes up for with having an amazing name that makes you think of dueling banjos…

I figure its down to who gets a td look from their respective QB.
I am a big believer that Broncos are going to run the card ROS. I have Lindsay locked and loaded, and their d. which is why i am giving sutton a really long look this week.
I figure if Kerryon is back that will take pressure off the passing game and give Kenny G some more upside

Here is a drive that highlight what I’ve been screaming from my basement:

Blount should not be rushing on 1st and 2nd down. Stafford is an excellent passer. Target Golladay 20 times a game.

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That’s a lot of Blount on 1st and 10:

Yeah I was flipping between detroit/rams and Broncos/Cincy on the weekend. Detroit definetely was running in situations where passing may have been more effective.