Sutton or Humphries for WR2

Standard League.

Hopkins is my other receiver. I know Sutton is now the #1 for Broncos, but after listening to the podcast and viewing the rankings, they don’t seem to high on him. Both of their matchups are pretty favorable, so I’m having trouble with who I should put my trust in.

Josh Gordon is also on the waiver if he’s the better option.

Any advice?

Yeah, the 49ers overall are favorable, but Richard Sherman is still great and Sutton genearlly lines up on the left, which would be across from Sherman. Hopefully they are smart enough to move him around though which is why I think he is still a solid play. Humphries is probably where I would go between the two though. He has been consistent, D-Jax is out again, and the Saints are a beatiful matchup for wr’s. All that being said, Xavien Howard is out for the Dolphins which gives a nice chance for Gordon to have a huge game. If you want upside my rankings are Gordon, Humphries, Sutton. If you want safety my rankings are Humphries, Sutton, Gordon.

That’s kind of what I was thinking also. Thanks for that!

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I think that Gordon has a higher ceiling and floor than the other two. Not only that, but he’s by far the most talented WR. Gordon is a physical freak and with gronk and Edelman struggling with health, I think he should see some great targets this week.

You don’t think his ceiling is limited if the Pats get out to a lead and want to run the ball more?

I’d say the value of playing that matchup doesn’t match the value of that receiver paired with the QB. Sometimes match ups are juicy and or awful and worth targeting/avoiding but I don’t think that’s the case here.

I personally, don’t think Sutton value goes up with sanders being out. He’s now the one susceptible to seeing shutdown corners and he not yet experienced enough to deal with it. I think Lindsay/freeman will be the big beneficiary.

That was my concern too, is that Sutton gets more looks from the shut down corners. I honestly think that I’ll go with Humphreys this week for the safer floor. Gordon’s 3 targets last week intimidates me and I don’t necessarily need a big game to beat my opponent in this first playoff round, just need consistency since he and I have scored about the same throughout the year.

I think gronk and Edelman looked pretty awful last week. A lot of that deriving from their health. I have a feeling that coaches see that especially after analyzing film and that Gordon’s targets go back up. But that would be a hunch.

Probably right that Humphrey will see more targets.

I think if Gronk is out, then that might cause me to look Gordon’s way again.

For reference, my team is:

QB: Netwon
RB: Barkley
RB: Aaron Jones
WR: Hopkins
WR: Humphreys
TE: Brate
FLX: David Johnson
DEF: Chargers

He has:

QB: Big Ben or Brees
RB: Dion Lewis
RB: McCaffrey
WR: Julio Jones
WR: Antonio Brown
TE: Graham
FLX: Shady McCoy
Defense: Steelers

That’s probably a good way to look at it

just wanna chime in to say that Gronk is healthy and removed from the injury report. Also if anything, you would want Gronk in to get the higher ceiling for Gordon. With Gronk out that makes it easy to double team the outside reciever (gordon). With Gronk playing, the defense always has to keep an eye on him and cant risk taking it easy on him, which opens up the field for the other guys

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Looking at the games that Gronk was out, it seemed like Gordon was getting more looks. With Gronk in, this last week anyways, he only got 3 targets. If Gronk is out, you don’t think teams focus on Edleman as the #1 target?

The Vikings had Rhodes. The Dolphins won’t have Xavien Howard this week. And their second cb is trash unless Fitzpatrick drops down from safety to become CB in this game

I admittedly didn’t get a chance to watch that game. Did Rhodes shadow Gordon the whole time?