Sutton or Jones Jr. ROS

Leaning towards jones jr cuz of the rate trade

Same question I am asking too; I really don’t know

I think Jones as he is already established in the offense anyway and has the ceiling of what he did season long last year. With that said I really like Sutton as a player, but Stafford is much better than Case in my opinion and I lean to the QB. Plus it’s a dome team which takes weather out of it some. He gets the Bears next week in CHI so that’s a weather concern and BUF in week 15

@Fins777 I like and agree with all that. More selfishly, do I FLEX D. Jackson or Jones Jr, full PPR? DJax gets Fitz-magic and Jones Jr is stuck with Min

I had same question…Well I think im going to target Marvin Jones Jr. over Sutton for waivers. He is a proven WR with huge play making ability and has a good QB who likes to throw…a lot.

Bummed i traded Jones jr for Landry a few weeks back now…

I think I would lean Jax right now. He has been very solid all year

That’s a great trade I wouldn’t worry about that.

I’m going jones over Sutton partly as jones also through the bye but I’ll be happy with either

I think I would still rather have Landry due to the volume he gets. Jones’ ceiling target wise is a normal day for Landry. Yes Jones does have the higher ceiling, but his floor is much lower I think. I guess we won’t know for a few weeks though until they all settle into the new roles either.