Sutton or Landry!

Full ppr and need a WR2. Coming in as the underdog.

Bumpity bump

Sutton now go help my question lol

Landry since it’s PPR

W/ Landry you know what you’re gonna get. Sutton is gonna be a surprise. Decide if you wanna roll the dice

I’m the team on the left. Slight underdog bit I love my team’s matchups.

Both are good. Sutton gets my vote here I think they use him like sanders and make him the focal point.

Dante Pettis or mike Williams? I’ve got Keenan Allen and ekeler so it would be a hedge for me to for sure get the touchdowns in the game.

Pettis’s targets should decline with Goodwin coming back

I’m rolling with Landry. Panthers have been 30th against WRs and QBs the last 6 weeks. Should be a great matchup for landry

Thanks fellas