Sutton or Mostart PPR FLEX

Looks like the fantasy experts are torn between the two, very close in rankings. Do you stay in the flames NBA JAM rules with Mostart or take the safer route with a guy who is averaging about 14 PPR points per game?

I go Mostart, and it’s not real close for me. He will get more volume and has a good matchup. Sutton has a bad matchup and will need a TD to get that average against the Chiefs I think.

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Mostart the Must-Start

i was thinking the same, Mostart is slotted in right now but it is close for me. Sutton hasnt posted 2 bad games in a row all season and he’s pretty much the only real passing threat that Denver has against a potent KC offense. I just worry that ole Shanny switches it up for no reason in particular other than that he’s playing the falcons and roles Coleman in a revenge game. Mostart has looked absolutely awesome whenever he touches the ball this year, I dont know why he’s not getting 15 touches a game on average.