Sutton or MVS

.5 PPR I’m fighting hard for a playoff spot. Who would you play this week, Sutton @ LAC or MVS @ SEA?

DOTTING because i have the same issue.

MVS has a better floor, but sutton has upside since i think its fair to say denver will likely be playing catch-up.
my other issue is i also have lindsay, and dont want to run the risk of having denver completely crap the bed and screw me over

I lean MVS, but legit I have a similar question: MVS @ Seattle in what should be a shootout (defenses typically don’t play well on TNF), OR Diggs @ Chicago?

I’d go MVS by a hair because he has Aaron Rodgers throwing to him

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Yes sir, the QB is the difference for me; Rodgers is more consistent and accurate. What Keenum will we get this weekend? The hero from week 1, or the dolt that blew their last game?

The GB/SEA game should be high scoring, and even though both teams have great RB’s, they’re going to be airing it out as well because their respective secondaries are awful.

Cool cool cool, I was leaning MVS but they’re very similar plays I feel.