Sutton or Parker Pick Up

With rumors of trades in the air around Demaryius Thomas, would you consider picking up Courtland Sutton?


With Albert Wilson and Kenny Stills out, and trade talks involving DeVante Parker, do you pick Parker up in hopes of a big week then he gets traded?

Parker has had the opportunity countless times and hasn’t produced. He is worth picking up in deeper competitive leagues, but Sutton is the guy I would target. He is talented, and has shown flashes, he just needs to opportunity. It sounds like there is a real chance a Bronco wide receiver is traded, and I want Sutton for cheap before that happens.

I think your posts hints at what the issue. Parker may be the better short term play if you think you will be able to quickly sell high after a good game on Thursday night, assuming he can take advantage off the depth issues that team has at WR. I agree with @zdhaugen though. He’s just not a great WR and Sutton is the better pickup. I’d take Sutton if you can afford to be a little more patient.