Sutton Over Everyone Else

For the love of god, make your top waiver priority Sutton and stop asking these ridiculous questions. WR 2 ROS

I just got him for 18 FAAB. Happy with that

Dropped the ticking time bomb Amari Cooper. No regrets

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I’m in a deeper league (22 roster spots) and picked him up in the draft. Have been waiting for this moment all season baby.

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Not sure he’ll get many games for me as I’m deep at WR but still happy to have him incase he pops.

Let him pop then trade him

Who should I drop for him do you guys think?

Marquise Goodwin or Trequan Smith?

Tough question there. Smith is yet to go off after two games without Ginn (tough Ds though) and Goodwin is on a terrible offense (I can say that as a Niners fan). I think I’d lean Smith

I feel like right now, Goodwin is the high ceiling low floor guy, relying on the big plays to get points, while Smith is the higher floor but maybe not as high ceiling…

Would you really say Smith has a high floor? Averaging 4 pts (half ppr) in the past two weeks…

I say that because of Drew Brees’ ability primarily

Yes Brees is good, but that doesn’t automatically give Smith a safe floor. I’ll believe it when I see it.