Sutton- Pettis trade

Courtland sutton for 6th overall pick and pettis. Which side you want?

Do you have to give up your first round pick? Where are you drafting?

No i would get 1.6 and pettis. i would be giving up sutton

So you would get an extra stud player and Sutton. I don’t see how you can’t do that. Pettis could break out, but you can get DHop at six if there aren’t any RBs you want due to risk and he’s greater than Pettis. Either way that trade should give you a decided advantage.

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I feel like I’m missing something.

If I’m trading Sutton away for the rookie 1.06 and Pettis I smash accept.
If its Sutton for Pettis and a full draft 1.06 I crush accept and go turn myself in to the cops for grand theft.


Assuming this is a dynasty league, it’s an absolute yes for me. Sutton & Pettis are in the same tier IMO, and while I would prefer Sutton player to player, the margin is much smaller than the 1.06.

The 1.06 would be a player like AJ Brown, DK Metcalf or Parris Campbell, not to mention Darnell Anderson (Darrell Henderson) that could be a league winner.

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100% Pettis side of this. Not even close for me.

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