Sutton worth #1 waiver?

So keke Sutton are obv top pick ups but are any worth waiver wire priority at rob of the league and my wrs right now are Jeffrey Golladay green cooks and just lost fuller

Sutton on top, Keke is probably a bust again this week and then he’s on bye. Sutton should be instant plug and play.

Would you use waiver priority on him I have #1 waiver pick or should I keep it

I am putting Sutton over Moore. But those are my top 2, can not trust Keke and his hammy.

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I was gonna say I don’t trust Cam with his scootin’ booty… The first 3 quarters against Philly he looked like a man that was betting heavily against himself and his team…

What about Seattle’s Moore?
Sutton over him?
I am 5th on waiver priotiry so i doubt i get sutton.
who else do you trust? Valdez-Scantly is still avaliable too.
I need a solid replacement for AJ this week

I think Sutton is worth top waiver priority. How much FAAB are we spending on Sutton?

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We don’t do FAB in my league, so that’s something to definitely think about. IDK if he’s worth a KITTLE, but I am assuming you’d have to pay up a little. Let others opine, but I could see 15-20% easily, especially if you’re in need of a WR2 and also if you have a dynasty league…

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i’m #3 on waivers and potentially thinking of dropping allison for Sutton