Swap Zeke for Barkley?*** Dynasty***

10 Team PPR League.
This is my team, i want your oppinion on swapping Zeke For Barkley. i’m trying to look for the long term

Absolutely. No brainer. If you can make that trade, do it. You’ll, in theory, get 2 more years out of Barkley than you will out of Zeke. Zeke is right at that age cliff for a RB. Unless you believe he’ll carry on like Henry has, this is the time to trade him.

I would also consider this: Trade Zeke for Javonte Williams and a future 1st. You might even be able to get more thrown in depending on whether or not the Javonte owner is competing this year. Javonte looks as advertised and I think it’s only a matter of weeks before he completely takes over that backfield. He’s already ranked 2nd in the league in missed tackles forced per attempt behind only Chubb. If you could grab him and a future first, you could start Najee as your RB2 and flex someone else until you’re ready to put the wheels up on Javonte, then use that draft pick for ANOTHER stud RB or WR in 2022 or 2023.

Just something to consider.