Swift, Dobbins or Booker / Andrews or Tonyan

Full point PPR, who would you start in the flex Swift, Dobbins or Booker?

If all thing equal I would play swift but with him not play the past 3 weeks and being limited all week this week it makes me think he’s not going to get his normal workload.

Who would you start at TE Andrews or Tonyan?

Dobbins, I don’t think Swift will play. Booker couldn’t get anything done against the Jets last week so all hope is basically lost on him. Plus, not to be a homer but just look at what the Packers did to Miles Sanders last week. And I’d start Tonyan, gets better targets than Andrews, plus Lamar can’t throw.

If Swift doesn’t play then I would go Dobbins too, though it seems like Swift might be trending towards playing. At TE I’d play Andrews over Tonyan still. He’s the #1 target for Lamar and I think his floor is higher than Tonyan and he’s a better player. They’ve shown that they have similar upsides

yea, I was thinking dobbins, I agree on booker and swift.

I keep going back and forth with Andrews and Tonyan, I agree with Tonyan getting the better targets.

It’s Swift if he’s active, then Dobbins.

Then its more Risk vs. Floor at TE. Tonyan has the chance to blow up but is risky. Andrews is important to that pass game and I think he will see a steady stream of targets again this week.

It looks like Jacobs has a chance to play, so if he does this is a moot subject.