Swift + McLaurin for Hurts

.5PPR 10 team league. I’m currently tied for 1st record wise and I have the tie breaker. Current roster is as such:

QBs: Dak and Cousins
RBs: Taylor, Ekeler, Swift, Henderson
WRs: Chase, Godwin, McLaurin, and Moore

Hurts’ playoff schedule (15-17) is insane. Dak has a good one too outside of week 17 (ARI). The Hurts owner is currently 1 game out of the playoffs. Would I be overpaying by offering Swift and McLaurin to try to get Hurts? Is there an obvious enough increase in getting him? I tried Henderson and McLaurin and was rejected. He said he considered it but ultimately denied it.

Yes I think you’re overpaying. I’m not sure you really need to make a move but if your main target is the qb your main offering should also be qb in my opinion with maybe a small sweetener like an RB3 or something. Especially when qb isn’t a weakness.

If he wants two positional players for qb you have to walk. Honestly this trade goes through and I think you go from number 1 seed to bounced quickly. You have depth and should simply enjoy it and ride it to glory.

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