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Sympathy/Trade/ Keeper League


Need advise and health going forward.

This year I have been destroyed by injuries. (David Johnson, Allen Robinson, Corey Coleman, John Brown, and now Daren Sproles) I am in a 12 man half point keeper league.

I want to reinforce my nonexistent bench with potential stars. I may concerning trading Jay Ajayi (8th round pick next year) for Chris Carson (14th rd keeper) and Joe Mixon (2nd rd). Should I do this? Jay Ajayi will get hurt this season I have no doubt.

My team
QB- Aaron rodgers
Wr 1- AJ Green
Wr 2- JJ Nelson
RB 1- Jay Ajayi
RB 2- Mike Gillisee
TE- Charles Clay

Chris Johnson
Marquise Lee
Jalen Richard
David Johnson (IR)
Jaquizz Rodgers
Marlon Mack


I agree the Ajayi will get hurt. However, I think that you can get more for him… If you want to gamble I would wait another week. Miami play NO at home so Ajayi will have a big game, I would look to trade him after that. Also, Mixon is a smart buy I like what I saw from him BUT keep in mind that they play Cle next so he might have a big game which will make his price go up. and who the f is Ben Carson?


No. Ride this out. You have had some injuries, but you still have a good team. Find a way to get another wideout and you are fine.


Chris Carson my bad. Thanks for the advise.


I would try whoever owns Doug Martin and propose Ajayi for D Martin and some WR. However, only IF you really want the trade, BUT I kinda agree with Brian you could ride your team out.